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Default Re: Anybody read this article about motor bicycles?

A long pipe helps keep the volume down, and while the 2 strokes are a bit too loud for my own tastes, and compared to the 4 strokes- just listen to "normal" motorcycles- especially the hogs- blow your eardrums right off- Our bikes don't have nearly that bassy impact that changes internal ear pressure like ahigh powered bike or hot rod.

actually the bikes aren't any louder than the "suburban menace" called the lawnmower- if I had a dollar for everytime I have been waken up by someone who simply HAS to mow their lawn early in the A.M.

and our bikes just sorta move in and through the soundscape in a few seconds- unlike a mower or leaf blower, that hangs out for half an hour or more.

I lived in Santa Barbara once and worked a bit at a bike shop in Isla Vista- Real high rents, a little snooty and poor people don't get much respect. Great cycling though.
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