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Default Re: Keyed Ignition Switch Install take a tip...leave a tip

First off, I posted a little bit after Large Filipino above so dont miss his mod above.

Well, when I hear of a keyed ignition on a motored bicycle I smile and have to laugh. Keyed ignition? what for? If someone wants my bike their going to ride off with it, or throw it in the back of their truck, etc.etc. Ive always thought my toggle switch by my throttle was good enough. But then my wife says....since when, is "good enough", "good enough" for you?
Then I thought, ya! And what about the "hey man thats cool" factor that been with me since a kid. Well forget if it makes sense or not, I had to do it anyways.

First, It had to be slim. It had to be "out if the way". It had to match the bike. And, I had to keep my "toggled kill switch" by the throttle.

Next I had to find the proper keyed switch. I used the top one. I re-soldered thicker 18 ga wires to the switch posts.
Scooter Key Switch and Keyswitches from

Then I had to find the correct mounting devise. Hum, what do I use?

Where do I put it?

What color do I make It?

How do I mount it?

How do i wire it, and how will the wires fit?

How does it look?

I hope this sparks a few ideas for people. Feel free to swipe my design, or show me yours. graucho

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