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Default Re: Pittsburgh Stolen Schwinn Collegiate (recovered!) - Help from Pee-wee Herman

biknut Thanks!

Nashville Kat, I'm subscribed to your threads on your bike builds and that custom flipflop hub drive mount. I was definitely liking how you were going for that light and fast build, and took that as an inspiration to push forward with the collegiate and its skinnier wheels. The wheels feel much more nimble in the city. Of course its a trade off, currently my wheels are super wobbly and out of round, but my local bike shop guy thought I should keep with the weird 26 x 1 3/8 wheel size, but swap to double walled alloy rims ea1 style so as to keep the bike geometry.

So you never finished the traveler, the red one? It was nice looking, but I digg the huffy too.

But its that damn clearance thing, and I spread the chainstays to 135mm, so its got to be the older schwinn hub that is just extra wide. And I think you're right, I could dish to the right move the drive gear in closer to the wheel. The drive gear's hole does fit over the hub properly with rag joint, and the stock gear has the dish in. Currently there is a ton of room to the right of the 5 speed freewheel. I only get 4 gears now, as since I spread the frame, the derailleur can't reach the low gear it is so far away.

I'd like to keep the gears, as I like being able to kill the engine and bike around where motor vehicles can't go, especially on the city trails And Pittsburgh can be very hilly. So I think when I change the rims out, I'll probably change up the hub. It would sure be nice if they could make a hub that allows the drive to just screw on. I guess the HD hub is popular, but I've only seen an HD that has a freewheel for 6 speeds on the grubee site. Plus I've heard there are some size compatibility issues with it.

I like how you drilled into the high flange hub, that makes a lot more sense. I'm not sure I could pull that off without messing it up. Getting it centered seems hard. Does anyone have a 5 or higher external speed bike with a better drive solution other than rag joint or jack shaft? Can the five speed gears from my bike go on any standard hub like the flip flop you are using?

I gotta say, the behind the seat tank makes it so much nicer to ride. I don't know if cruiser builds allow for the tank to be out of your way, but on diamond frames that tank feels so restricting when peddling standing up.
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