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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

OK, I'm de-hijacking my thread back!

Back to STEAM!

One of the pieces I've been waiting for arrived today. It's a very unique pump that should work well with this setup. It took a lot of searching to find it. It is a 150 psi 12 volt pump with the right size fittings and only draws 10 amps. It is designed for methanol injection systems for drag racing. The water pump in the steam power system I'm designing has to overcome the 100 psi operating pressure, hide in a reasonably sized box on the bike along with a motorcycle battery, a propane tank and the bike's other electronic controls. It can't hog a bunch of amps because there won't be a generator. That means I'm going to buy a pretty hefty motorcycle battery. The deal is, no one is going to be riding this bike long distances - not enough water capacity or propane for that anyway. It will be a big toy for somebody to have fun with at bike or steam/steampunk shows or in the neighborhood.

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