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Default Re: How to repaint a bike frame

Barely is right on. The prep work is the hardest ,but most important to getting a good result. I might add that I have used a product called " aircraft finish remover" that I buy at my local auto paint supply store. This stuff works like magic. Paint it on heavy in even strokes, one direction only. In seconds it will start to wrinkle the paint. After about 5 minutes, use some coarse steel wool, and some water to loosen it off. A paint scraper works good on tight spots. I would not recommend a wire brush, it flicks little globs of the chemical all over you. The bad part: this stuff is caustic ,big time. Goggles , and long rubber gloves are mandatory. It will not eat holes in your clothes like battery acid does, but you will know in seconds if you get any on you. Keep a hose nearby. If you are wearing coveralls, goggles, face shield , and gauntlet rubber gloves, you should be ok. I like it better than grinding, less breathing all that dust. Good luck!
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