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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

i broke my arm skateboarding 4 years ago. fell over when a little kid cut me off. i self-medicated it with booze and ice, hoping it was only a sprained wrist. after a week, it was still purple, only now it was turning black, red and yellow, so i decided i should go to the doctor.

he thought it must not be broken if i lived with it for a week, so he wasn't very gentle when he was poking at it and twisting it.

after x rays, they found out the Radius was snapped near the wrist, and if it was any worse they'd have to operate and pin it together.

ended up with a waterproof cast, and the summer off of work (can't climb towers with one arm.)

the doc thought i was a maniac, when i said it didn't hurt that bad.

healed up fine, though, no arthritis or nothin...

if i were you, i'd get it checked out.
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