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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Tightened up muffler again. Keeps needing to be threaded deeper on the hose spigot. Ya think they would have a warning. "For garden hose use. May need to be tightened repeatedly if used as a muffler on small engines or motorized bicycles"
cracked my self up. Might write em and complain just to see the response. "Dear Sir, our Garden Hose Spigot item #1437-t47A was not intended to be used in such fashion and is not designed for such use as a muffler. Please go *^(^$ your self.
Thanks for choosing ACME Garden equipment"

Finally did some work on rear fender and changed the oil. Or as my Father from the Bronx called it, "der earl"
worst apocalypse ever
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