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Default Re: Well I'm buying my 3rd 4stroke motor after the first 2 broke.

Based upon your previous problems with clutches and motors I'd stay away from the Grubee 4G for the Honda Motor. I'm currently riding a bike with the Honda Motor and the 4G Drive made for it and though I think it is a great unit, It is not with out some problems that need to be worked thru, and or lived with. First is the clutch. The stall speed/engagement rpm is way off. It needs stiffer springs installed to get it to work properly with the High Idle rpm of these motors. Second is the Oilite bushing that supports the clutch bell. The stock bushing does not stay lubed for any length of time. So it needs to be replaced with a better quality bushing or you need to carry a small bottle of 30wt motor oil with you when you ride so you can add a drop of oil to the bushing when it starts to drag. You know it dragging because the motor stalls when coming to a stop. The third are is th[e clutch bell itself. There have been several members using this drive that have had the 20t driver separate from the bell. It is silver soldered on but that does not seem to be enough. Mine came apart with in the first month of use. I had a local fabrication shop weld it back together for me. You would probably be much happier buying a Honda motor and then getting a EZM Q-matic drive. Though I've personally not ridden one, they seem to have the best reputation for giving trouble free miles.


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