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Originally Posted by wayne z View Post
I Attachment 31863

Attachment 31864was about 20 feet away sleeping in my room on Royal st. It was loched with a cable in the back of my truck, covered, and tailgate locked.
Stolen by a professional thief with cable cutters.
Got a partial video on surveilance cam. took two of them 20 seconds to cut cable and lift it from my truck to another truck alongside.

I just recieved a new chrome slanthead from BGF and my new Macarci chrome cruiser should arrive next week .

Also purchased a BGF titan kit with that came with that funky lil chainbox to try on my Sunn cruiser. Prolly leave the friction drive on it too to have a sure way to get home LOL
Well sorry to hear that type of story. Looks like you are moving on though and that is good!
Ludicrous SPEED!
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