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Default Re: Where to find my desired bicycle?

Thanks lads!I had a motorized bike (for a while).Last April I had my first motorized vehicle,a lovely black cruiser (don't know the name of the company but it had a sticker with the name Maui on it)I was planning to ride this baby to the skate park or to my high school.Just when I tested it out I got to carried away and hit a minivan that was going 60 mph (which turned out to be one of my friends mother driving).Broke my right femur,four days in the clinic,but healed a month and a half latter (which would of at least took 6 months to heal!)

just please dont shop wally world for your own sake you will have to replace almost eveything on the bike eventually
I know,I bought a Huffy Cranbrook which had a bad chain (broke in half!) and the bolts that hold the bracket to the rear fender fell off.Im thinking about buying a Panama Jack!
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