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Default Well I'm buying my 3rd 4stroke motor after the first 2 broke.

One broke a rod, and another had oil leaking into the clutch housing.. But that's the past.

So anyway I was wondering if I should go honda this time around?, are they more reliable than the huaseng?. I saw there clutches and they were much different, and it was bigger. I always had clutch problems with the huaseng. In the end I went through 3 gear boxes and 5 clutches.. and I'm not going to go into detail, it was just bad...

and in all 5 clutches, 3 gear boxes, 2 engines and the back wheels axis is all messed up from taking it off so many times in an attempt to fix all these problems.

So anyway, here is what I think I wanna do.

New honda motor

New 4g gearbox.

New 50T sprocket, and that's it.

How does that sound?. anyway thank you. I love motorized bikes, and I lvoe all the members here for helping me.

I'm so sorry for giving you guys so many issues thrown at you, But I feel it's just the process of taking me exactly where I wanna be to build the motorized bicycle of my dreams.

Anyway, thank you all in advance.

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