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Default Re: Where to find my desired bicycle?

Originally Posted by Wanderer View Post
Im new to this forum!I would like to know where on the net I could find my desired bicycle.Im into the retro beach cruisers with the faux gas tanks.Bikes like the Schwinn Phantom and the Manhatten Flyer.I wish to get the Flyer but all the sites I found requires picking it up at the shop after ordering online or finding a dealer.Any of those types of bikes between the $100-$300 level.I really appreciate it!
Hmmm..."$100-$300". I'm sure if anybody else knows where to find new tank style cruisers in this price range, they'll jump in after me, but I can only think of two places off hand: Craigslist and Ebay. Meaning you could end up with a genuine vintage which, depending on condition, isn't all bad. Some run up to $400 though, for the rarer ones. And quite a few of those old frames were really solid. Bairdco could probably tell you some of the best to watch for. Rollfast, anything from Cleveland Welding, Colson, to name a few. I lucked out, I saved a vintage JC Higgins from the trash - it was essentially free. Something to think about.

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