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Default Re: Total newb with problems

Originally Posted by Saddletramp1200 View Post
First, Welcome to THE Forum! Your clutch cable is not tight enough to dis engage is my guess. Use some pliers and pull it tight @ the arm on the motor. Push the arm till it's tight. Tighten it and try it then.
Here's the man with the answer. He's an old fert, but he's built a few bikes.
Tighten the clucth cable and give it a try. You can confirm the cable is too loose by pushing in as far as you can on the clutch actuator arm and try moving the rear wheel. It takes some force to get the arm to move so you might want to wrap a rag around it so you won't hurt your hand. It takes more force than you'd think but properly adjusted the cable and handlebar lever will disengage the clutch. If the clutch still doesn't disengage let us know. There are a couple of things we can suggest to free it up.
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