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Default Re: A kit that interests me

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
this set-up caused a lot of controversy. the chinese company that made it not only ripped it off from SBP, they also went so far as to use pictures of SBP's bike in their advertisements.

then a seller on this forum offered it, and things got kinda ugly.

so, to answer the question of "in what way is it badly made," in my opinion, it's the outcome of SBP getting ****ed in the ***.

it also uses inferior parts.

Yep not only did they rip off the design. I saw that on their sight as well. They ripped off their manual and their pictures. Can't get any lower than that.

There free wheels are inferior the jackshaft sproketts are not hardened as they should be. The one brace on one the metal half's is missing so the kit can get al bent up too.
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