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Default Re: Family Business Now

Originally Posted by bomb View Post
I don't own anything, no house, no car, nothing. It's all in the wifes name. I ain't worth suing.
They'd actually go after her, too.

Anyone setting up a business needs to have liability insurance in place. Your homeowner's insurance won't cover it. At the very least, get incorporated through your state. That provides a firewall between your business and your personal affairs.

Of course, if you're operating out of your garage/shop and live in a residential area which doesn't allow home businesses, you have another challenge on your hands.

A guy down the street who does all sorts of grease monkey stuff in his garage just had a "whoops" happen and burned up his house. This is why there are laws about this stuff.

I know these are just bicycles with little motors in them, but as soon as somebody gets hurt they're looking for someone to sue. And there are plenty of attorneys foaming at the mouth ready to take on the case.

Just sayin' - do what you love to do and make a business out of it, but be smart about it, too.
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