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Default Re: 48cc ban?

In the hey day of 2 stroke big bore motorcycles, guys that rode and were into big 2 strokes were called-
"Blue smoke affectionados" or "Blue smokers"
Great bikes like the Yamaha "RD" and "TZ" series and Kawasaki's now infamous Hurricane H1 750cc 2 stroke triple HAD to be phased out of existence due to ever tightening government anti pollution standards.
What makes you think we are immune?
I'm gonna buy up a few engine kits any way JUUUUST in case. They are cheaper by the dozen any way.
Now...if I could just find the factory connection for Morini S6s engines at a reasonable price Ill be happy.

"I LOVE MY COUNTRY, I'm shamed of my government"

Keep em running...
P.S.- I wonder if they intend on banning 48cc 4 strokes as well?

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