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Originally Posted by fundreamer1 View Post
I already posted on another thread, but I decided to copy it here and add a little to it.

I found this site by accident when I was looking for info on bike frames for engines. I bought an old bike from a flea market and then I bought one of the miniature motorcycles with a 4 stroke 50cc with a 4 speed tranny and a centrifugal clutch which I decided to put the motor on the bicycle. I don't know about this bike build off, or if I could get it done by the deadline. I have to first get my welder fixed before I can modify the frame to accept the motor.
The miniature motorcycle is fun, but I can't legally drive it on the road. It is supposed to be able to go about 50mph as it is, (I haven't tried to see) With the tires being much taller on the bicycle I think it would go to fast to be safe if one wanted to go there. lol Anyway, glad to have found others that like the same hobby I do.
If anyone has already tried to do a build similar to this I would be happy to hear, and hopefully learn from their experience.
See below post that I copied from your Introduction post fundreamer1

December 10, 2010 07:56 AM
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Re: Newbie's first project

Ron, aka Neat Times is right, fundreamer1, and welcome to the motorized bicycle addiction / community, and to one of the greatest motorized bicycle forums in the world!!! JMO.

You should try reading up on Stretch Cruisers & Chopper builds, for info regarding the Chinese cloned Horizontal Honda 50cc 4-Stroke, Mini Trail 50, Monkey Bike 50, ATV / Dirtbike / Pitbike 50cc-110cc type engines.

You can find on craigslist an Schwinn Stingray OCC Chopper for really reasonable price $40.00 and up. The bike you are using is not practical for using that type of engine, you need a stretch cruiser or chopper bike to really make something happen with your build.

Here's the Links in Stretch Cruiser & Choppers forum I'd suggest for you to read:

Stretch Cruisers & Chopper Bicycles How To Search Craigslist Nationwide

ATV 50cc Full Auto on a stretch!

Micargi, Bronco, 110CC 3spd UPGRADES

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OCC-Stingray Chopr 110cc Lifan 4-Stroke

gas tank for occ chopper.

Super fat Chopper winter/spring Build

Schwinn Sting Ray SCORE!!!!!

XL Chopper 4-Stroke/Pit/Dirtbike 50cc

Builds FYI Clone/Honda 4stroke ATV/Pit/Dirtbike 50cc Engines

Notice! Crazy Horse's 110cc Lifan Stretch Cruiser Build Attempt!

OCC Stingray chopr 125cc pitbike engine

How Many Builders Use 4stroke ATV/Pit/Dirtbike 50cc Engines

Stretch&Chopper Builds with 4-stroke Pit/Dirtbike 50cc Engines

Flaming Horse Fat Tire Chopper

Stretch Trike Cruiser Conversion

Micargi Bronco, Piranha 110CC, 3 sp, Automatic

Alternate 4-stroke engine list

These threads will answer many of your questions, as most of these builders who use Chinese cloned Lifan, Loncin, Hensim, Roketa, Horizontal Honda 50cc 4-Stroke, Mini Trail 50, Monkey Bike 50, ATV / Dirtbike / Pitbike 50cc-110cc type engines, have been there & done that with regards to this style or type of motorizing!

Peace Crazy Horse.
P.S. As for the chain size you can remove the rear cover on the engine where your drive sprocket is you should see the sprocket size & chain size stamped on the sprocket! see pic below of drive sprocket with chain size info etc etc..
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