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Wink Re: Member Map

Here are some instructions posted by Nougat on page 1 of this thread:

For the technically challenged:

To add yourself, click "Additions" at the top left. Choose Simple or Detailed. Fill out the fields, and hit "Submit." After you've submitted, the window won't close; close it yourself. And there you are! (Note that you don't have to put your exact address. For most people, city and state or zip code will be close enough.)

To see the details of a flag, just click it.

Originally Posted by shearbf View Post
Wow...I'm not at all technically challenged. I am,however extremely computer,microwave,cd&vcr player,buzzberry, new phones,and others, CHALLENGED!
If it aint got wheels,gears,metal, mathematical solutions,or wiring, I cant make much out of it.
I am a dinosaur. Wonder how old members get? Anyway, tried to get on the map, filled out everything except map quadrature which I don't know, but I CAN use a GPS! It wanted further information but it gave no provision to give it any. So I may not be entered. I could not figure out how to use the map to find others near me. I finely thought I'd try entering my zip code. I got a bunch of local ladies in a group called "Kainay People"! But I did have the map of my area!
I can follow step by step instructions. If thats available please let me know.
I haven't yet found the twelve year old neighbor kid to teach me yet. When I do, I will gladly pay him or her.
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