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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Drilled the fender at the top Yodar. The "U" of the ubolts are upside down and saddled over the forks where they split. Used a peice of flat stock instead of the stock strap. Drilled holes to line up with the fender holes and to fit the axle. It has to be longer.
On that thread, I was surprised how many folks had worked out ways to get fenders to work with springers. Some great stuff. First post has pics of the way I did it but lots of ways.

I am a lil gun shy of front fender failure. Each side of the bolt is well coated with muffler sealer (I use that instead of loc-tight on every thing) and all are double nutted.
I am really happy with it.

Never got around to rear strap today. Did finally put a proper kill-switch on though after a long cold ride. Really weird how calming these things are. Crazy day at work and some regular life stuff. Couple hrs of MB'n and alls well and as it should be. Just kinda cool. Look forward to this thread. Little slices of other MBer's days.
worst apocalypse ever

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