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Default Re: FS elite cruiser build ... and random engine mounting questions....

Originally Posted by greggasbike View Post
Hmmm , its actually the rear mount. The front mount since the tube was too large , I used the universal mount that came with the kit and it fit fine. The rear mount however ( seat tube) is smaller. It perfectly fits the mount that came on the engine. However , the bolts are too short. If I put the washer , lock washer and nut on ( as supplied by kit) I can barely get the nut on. It will go on about half way, but there are no threads showing. If the bolts were about half inch longer it would be perfect .... Do people change out these case studs ????

This is my first experience w/ these little engines.... I am a hot rod guy , so I have the tools and what not.

2door , you avatar is nice ! That is what I have been into for about 8 yrs. I have a 1969 rat rod vw. Flat black , red rims , white walls , barebones interior / dash...

Good deal , I'll take some pics of the motorized bicycle 2mrrw and update the post ...

Thank you ....

Swappin out the studs seems the easiest solution. I've used long set screws for studs at times (hot rod days). I like being able to set them with an allen wrench. Of course, I'm talking US threads here but I guess you can find them in metric, too.

Always good to see streetrodders/volksrodders on here. I've done both ... (wait, that didn't sound quite right!!) .... Anyway, have a couple projects in the wings.

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