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Default Re: Newbie's first project

Originally Posted by NEAT TIMES View Post

Welcome, you are headed in the rite direction. lol

crazy horse has a lot of info on your type of build.

there are a couple other menbers that have built some awsum bike along that avenue also, can`t recall their user names at the moment.

they may jump in to help you

i don`t know how big you are, but the schwinn occ choppers etc are nice looking platforms for that motor.

your blue bike may not be a very good frame, not enought room?? some members have used the stretch cruiser frames. they look great. you should end up with a great dependable ride.

if you don`t mind my asking, did you get a deal on the mini chopper?

ron .
Yes I got a good deal on it, I paid $400.00 on it. They were going for more but the gas cap broke and they couldn't get it off! lol!! It took me all of 5 minutes to get it off, went down to Auto Zone and got another one for about $9.00 And started it up. I rode it around with no problems at all!
As far as the bike goes, I know I'll have to modify the frame for the engine to fit. I was thinking about getting a second frame and making a two man bike and putting the engine in the middle. (All the space I need) That way I can share to fun without the cost of two bikes, this motor has enough power to take two riders up a hill with no problem. Now I need to determine the chain size. (I don't know them very well) I think it may be a 40 to 45?
Once I know that, then I can order the sprocket kit for the rear wheel. I don't expect too many problems with this build, I just have wait until I get my welder fixed. (Part is on back order until the 12th)
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