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Default Re: Family Business Now

Originally Posted by David D. View Post
i dont have any. i also dont have anything to be sued for. they would have to sue my ex-wife.......

actually i will probably have insurance of some kind eventually...when and if the business will support it... I have only been doing this a couple months now and the growth caught me unprepared, i have a silent financial partner now, an old business associate.... will be preparing a more formal business plan and bringing in other fabrication type work to support a shop and overhead such as insurance, ect... i most certainly will be doing work on and building some specialized ag equip. that i have been doing down in ventura co. on a contract basis... by combining the bikes and the ag stuff i can justify a small shop and some equipment here , a lathe, press, surface grinder, and a few other things required to do the work here....
Sounds like a really good comprehensive plan ... like the guys I know in the street rod business who do bread-and-butter brake and exhaust jobs all the time.

I'm sure it depends on the state, but I've heard it gets especially complicated when insurance has to cover "motor vehicle manufacturing", which is what adding a motor to a bicycle and selling it is considered in some places. I'm curious to see how it works out for you, not that I'm setting up a full-blown business, but that I do like to sell what I build. For now, I'm selling kinetic steampunk sculpture not intended for the highway!
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