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Default decal / sticker removal ... saving the paint...

Ok , I did a search and couldn't find any threads on removing decals. So I figured I would ask a quick question... ( and if there are threads you know of , pleaz direct me )

On of the donor bikes I just got ( kulana moon dog) has a really cool green paint scheme on it. So , building this one , I am going to keep the original paint. The factory stickers / decals have to go though.

How do you remove them w/ out scratching the paint ?

I tried carefully scraping them w/ razor and that product from the hardware store ( goo gone ). Yeah , the razor kinda works but it would take hours. The goo gone remover ( which states that it removes adhesives , stickers , bumper stickers ) doesn't work AT ALL ......

I know there is some simple easy way to do this ... but I am having trouble remembering ....

What are your thoughts ? alcohol ? mineral spirits ? paint brush cleaner ???

Thanks again ... !
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