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Default Re: Maxima Oil basics

Originally Posted by Drewd View Post
None of the ones listed I would use soley in my HT.

MAXIMA 927 which has castor oil in it. A touch of castor Castor oil is superior in providing lubrication, high temp protection, anti-scuff high pressure protection, than ANY other oil out there. It has some minor drawbacks that have not been an issue with my using it for past 7 years on my motorized bikes.

It flashes at 420 deg F. The flash point is the lowest temperature at which a liquid vaporizes into a combustible mixture. The higher the flash point, the longer it is a liquid lubricating your engine. In addition, once castor burns, it forms an even better dry lubricant providing even more overtemp protection!

BTW, Amsoil interceptor flashes at 176 deg F and Amsoil saber at 214 deg F.

I ran Maxima 927 and my own personal blended castor/synthetic oil blends in excruciating conditions that turned my cylinder head read hot, discolored the metal on all of my engine components without the engine seizing and allowing another 3+ years of abusive use before I sold the bike to someone else.
This is a weird reply, but since childhood running Dad's model airplanes, I have always LOVED the smell of castor oil based fuel engines
An Amsoil user, I might spike my tank with a little Maxima just for pleasure
and memories

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