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Default Re: Firmstrong (ha) first ride

I too bought a firmstrong. CA520. I wound up with 2 of them. The Factory send me one and the frame was bashed from the axle of the front rim during shipping. They told me to keep it and sent me a Frame that also had the rear end. So. All I had to do was add a seat and front Rim and tire. So. I had two. It was work getting them both going. I had to take an air tool and clean out the slag from the seat post tube so the seat post would go in. Brakes are spongy but work. I bought this bike hoping it was a poor mans version of the Electra Townie. It is actually a poor mans version of the poor mans version. For the 100 bucks you save, it is not worth it. Being that it is steel, you can weld on it which it nice for doing custom builds. For 99 bucks including shipping, it is worth it. But good luck finding that deal. But really. For all the work required and the poor quality, You are better off buying a Used Electra for around the same price. I hope I did not hurt anyones feelings.. But.. This is how it went for me with this CA520 Firmstrong.
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