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Default Re: Need help in changing out the mounting studs.

Originally Posted by skiball83 View Post
Put two nuts on the stud, called double nutting. Then you will be able to use a wrench on the first nut you put on to take them out.
I concur. Double nutting is the easiest way and saves the studs if you ever need them in the future. As far as studs and nuts go why not bolts to replace them. Ace hardware or any fastener supplier will be able to provide you with the proper hardware. Go for Allen head cap screws and lock washers. Forget thread locking compound such as Loctite. It just isn't necessary if you torque them properly and have good surface contact with the lock washers.
In addition I'll repeat what has been written here time and again. Properly installed, the kit supplied hardware (fasteners) are sufficient. The key is to get good surface contact betwen all parts being bolted together and do not over torque the fasteners. Do not retighten after every ride, which some will advise, and check the tighteness (doesn't mean tighten them, just check them) after a few miles, especially engine fasteners, head bolts, intake and exhaust fasteners, after the engine has reached operating temperature a couple of times.
Good luck.
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