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Default Re: Pimped bike owners!!!

Well, thank you Steve. Much appreciated.

As for the incentive hiker 472, the incentive is not money, it's the ability to be in a music video, the ability to show us as a group, the ability to merge two worlds that otherwise may not have met, have fun, doing something creative, new, being a part of something, having the pride and ability to show your friends the video you and your bike are in. Other incentives, group ride, meeting other fellow riders, etc.

No, there is no profit coming from this. I am not trying to profit, as I have stated earlier. At this time, I am putting in all of the work I've been doing for this band, basically for free, because they advertise me heavily, and give me really good "ratings" so to speak. At this time, I am still in the beginning stages of my company, and haven't made a cent, nor do I plan to right now. I'm just trying to get established. I work a midnight shift job as well making $22/h, that pays my bills, that's my money flow. I make no profit at this time from ADDICTED productions. I'll likely be spending money in fact.

As for your second concern, nobody needs to worry about getting professional looking shots. I'm good at what I do, and if I can't do it, I research it until I can. I can clean up bad footage, bad resolutions, and shaky cameras. Sound is not important. I can blend and add filters and addition methods among a ton of other things, melding all of the videos into something different, like say perhaps, I get 20 seperate videos of 20 seperate bikes, all in seperate countries. I can layer and blend everything to make it look like everyone was riding together. No worries on being a good camera guy, but I guess there is one thing, unless it's a "megapixel" phone camcorder, a normal lil handheld video camera would be best. Most "cell phone camcorders" record in a tiny resolution, and at that point, it's pretty unlikely I'd be able to use the footage.

If anyone goes through the effort of sending in video, or showing up, that footage will be used at some point in the video. I'm not gonna have anyone going through any kind of trouble or hassle to shoot and send a vid, and then not even use it. That would be wrong in my eyes. You send a vid of half descent resolution, and you'll be in the video.

Again, I just want to point out that so far, it is still just an idea. Nothing is set in stone yet.

ALSO, for anyone not interested in Hip-Hop, I also work with other bands in other styles of music. Maybe as well as whether you'd be in it or not, maybe include what style of music you'd rather represent. Nothing says we couldn't do more than one video. This would also allow a larger "time" window for everyone's footage to be used.

Anything else, please don't hesitate to ask, or suggest, it's all still in the open, and again, just an idea, so let's hear it!

(thanks again Fasteddy.)
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