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Default Re: Another One Of Those "Is This Bike Good Enough?" Threads.

I don't know anything about the bike frame other than I like how it looks. I think it feeling right for you is important. Some bikes do and some don't. I think too many people choose a bike just because of it's looks or reputation. Those are important considerations, but in the end how the bike feels is right up there near the top.
Frame strength is even more important, I think, when the power unit tends to vibrate as the 2 stroke HT engines do. Some worse than others, but it is something everyone experiences and has to deal with. It is what led me to find the most comfortable, vibration absorbing grips I could make. Your situation is different with that EMotorbike kit. One of the first things that surprised me about mine was the lack of vibration. There's very little of that and does not detract from the riding experience. So I think there is less stress on a frame and super frame strength is maybe a little less critical. There is no need to drill holes in the frame with that kit either, so that isn't a concern. I think you'll be happy with your choices and look forward to seeing the bike thread with a motor in place and smiling rider. Good luck. Post some pictures...
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