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Default Re: Pimped bike owners!!!

You Sir, have absolutely nothing to apologize for. You had a dream and you ran with it. Like I have done, it was too big a dream and the run was way too long. No winners and no losers at all. I've done it too many times my self.

If I may this is what I would do.

Find a campground that would have room in late July to host a number of us with our bikes. Not to far from you if possible. That gives people a chance to plan even if they are coming up from the US to be part of it.
Set up an area that you can do your video work. This may dictate which camp ground you use but you, as the videotographer, know what you want. Need small town street scenes that will qualifiy the area too. Tell the cops and mayor what you are doing. They can be a major help or a real problem.

Set up to let people know in late Feb. or early March what is up and keep everyone informed as to where you are in the plan. Early May I'd send out info packs to anyone interested enough to contact your web site. Probably be most of us from Canada. I'd come in from BC to be part of the meet but can't nail a date. That"s why I said late July so most of us can take late or early vacation time. Not many if any can give you a firm yes right now. Get your plan firmed up.
When ever the camp ground wants a firm count of how many you will know to cut it off then. May want to leave the door open for late comers.

Get a price and either you get a down payment for the campground or better still the people contact the campground directly which is easier on your nerves and the campground owners are set up for it. You will be busier than a guy dodging rain drops as it is. Some folks will want a motel/hotel so you will need to talk to someone there. Ask if they will give a discount but being summer that's iffy.

Get the group involved. It's them your trying to market. Where are they comfortable.

Having done this before that is how I would do it. Keep it and you relaxed. You'll be happy and the whole program will be smooth. PM me if you want more of my thoughts.


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