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Default Re: Pimped bike owners!!!

WORLD WIDE??? You were going to put on a simple bike meet in Ontario. How in Heavens name did that go world wide and what made you think you were qualified to do that?
Yes there are a lot of what if's and dreams on this sight and if they are to far fetched they are told so. Sorry if telling you that in "MY" opinion that your full of BS then you better get a thicker skin because the music industry will eat you alive and sh*t you out. I have friends involved in it.

Yes, my Mother told me the same thing. Moms do that. Mine will be 99 on the 22nd of the month and still feels it necessary to tell me when I'm wrong. All to often I might add.

My Dad, a hard nosed businessman, told me that if you have a plan be darned sure that there aren't any holes in it. Trust me, it took a lot of tries on my part to float a lot of leakers before I full grasped the benefit of a business plan that no one could take apart.

Before I retired I ran businesses from the age of ten when I had a paper route to when I retired managing a small buisiness doing close to a million gross a year with a strong profit margin.

Now your going to help a band grow bigger. I really hope it works out but if you don't have connection or the band has so much talent they are the next Beatles you will need more than luck. Make sure you have an iron clad contract with the Group. If you don't and they make it, there is a good chance you will be standing on the outside when they make it and they won't be able to spell your name. Just my opinion.

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