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Default Re: Pimped bike owners!!!

Yes, I had "President" after my name, because I was trying to organize Charity Riders United. That didn't work out however, because the complications involved in making something like that a reality worldwide, would have taken some serious effort on everyone's part, as legally, it would have to be a registered charity in order to do ANYTHING recieving donations from the public. That would mean anyone involved would have to be registered, which was a lot of paperwork, that I knew none of you would do. Good idea, but too far from my reach. Why did I call myself "president?" Because it was my idea, my organization, my dream. As for the clothing, that was to help fund the events, not for personal profit. I am still trying to do a clothing company, it's harder than one may think. It takes a lot of investment money, as well as a lot of risk for failure. A risk I'm not financially ready to make.

This is a public forum, not a professional, state only facts, be real or be gone website. I'm pretty sure there's millions of "what if's" all over this website. Freedom of speech, and I don't really see how my "IDEA" differs any.

I just want to say, whether or not you meant to be rude, calling my ideas and ventures BS offends me, as ideas are what drives the world further ahead, I feel like this was an uncalled for judgement. Just saying, there's a poll at the top of the page, you could have just clicked no.

My mother taught me, when I was young, that if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Anyways, I'm done defending myself. Ideas are not illegal. I have millions of ideas. So do you, and you, and you. All of you. So if you don't like this idea, the "no" button is up top, in the poll. Moving on.....
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