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Default Re: Pimped bike owners!!!

Wow, that was a little harsh.

You do the work, and I benefit?

Perhaps you don't understand what it really takes to make a music video.
Would you be organizing the video shoot? Would you be scouting and organizing the extras? Would you be writing the script for the video? Would you be organizing anything?

Would you not benefit? I'm offering an oppourtunity to show off your bikes to many other people, other than the people here, who all also have bikes. What's wrong with expanding your horizons?

All any of you would need to do, is film yourselves, and upload it, or, simply show up, and ride your bike. Doesn't sound like a slave scheme to get me rich. Lol. I don't even get paid right now. I am doing everything I've been doing for these bands to help them succeed, which will help me succeed. I need to establish a portfolio, and a reputation. You can't just charge a bunch of money, with no credit behind you. That's how business works.

I'm sorry if my past plans didn't work out, yes, I tried to organize a group ride/bike show, for CHARITY. Meaning no profit to me, in fact, I would have had to spend about $6000 out of my own pocket to actually do what I wanted, and to make all of you comfortable with food, areas to camp, portable toilets, and so on and so on.

Fast Eddy, I'm sorry you're so agravated, this was only an idea, as was the other attempts at UNITING YOU ALL TO DO SOMETHING MEANINGFUL.

If you don't want to do it, then don't. That simple. I've given a choice here. Obviously we know yours, and thank you for putting me down in the process. No worries though, I have a vision, a dream, and I'll follow it. I don't care really if you don't like it.

Normally, I would just ignore your comment. However, you obviously don't understand that I came back to this website to share what I'm doing now, thought I had some friends here, and hopefully give my "friends" a chance to show off their bikes, because I know what it's like having one of these bikes. You love the attention. So, no disrespect Fast Eddy, you're entitled to your opinion, but do you need to be so rude? Have I ever dis-respected you like that? I don't deserve that, so I'm defending myself.

So we know Fast eddy won't be taking part.

Anyone else wanna banter me?
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