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Default Re: 3 Piece Wide Crank??

I found a three piece set of cranks. They were full sized approx. 6.5 center to center. 44 tooth sprocket attached to the right crank. They are the square taper and replaced the Schwinn ones without having to change the lower bracket internal assembly.

The bike is a "Searcher" with a 1.5" lower bracket. None of the Schwinns I saw when shopping had a 2" bracket that the one piece would fit. A dealer (FL) mentioned when I was looking for the 3 piece cranks that the ones he had seen were the old square style that had wedge pins, so these I got must be a newer style that are retained by a bolt in the end of the spindle.

The Searcher frame has just enough space for the Honda GXH50. Had to grind out the front aluminum mount part to fit the approx. 2" lower tube and allow the mount to drop in enough the engine would fit. Drilled and tapped the front mount to fit a 2" muffler clamp (discarding the U bolt) that I saw some smart guy did in an other post. Used a piece of sheet metal covered wt. duct tape to guard the frame and paint from the muffler top bracket.

Could not use the slotted engine mounts in the mount, but used a straight edge to find the sprocket alignment with the driven one on the rear wheel.
Engine had to go almost to the front edge of the mount to give some space to remove the air cleaner cover. Drilled the mount and the front aluminum adapter to the bolt pattern of the engine and used bolts from the underside. Good thing with that arrangement is the engine can be removed without the mount.

The Schwinn runs the brake and derailer cables under the top tube and the choke lever (plastic) could not be operated. Cut off the top of the lever and drilled and tapped the plastic shaft and inserted a 1" X 6-32 bolt that works fine and both points at the operating icons and the head acts as handle.

Easy does it, but do it!
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