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Default Re: Pimped bike owners!!!

Not sure about the double posts. I only get one email notification of your post. Hmmm. Weird.

As for it being a comedy video, probably not. Lol. I was thinking more just presence, riding, with pimped out motorbicycles. Not so much dancing. lol. Although that would likely be a blast. (Perhaps we can get a side movie goin on?)

As for the "realness" of this "idea"...
It's just an idea for now. But I would like to see how many people would actually do videos and send them in, or, how many people would show up for the group ride/filming. I know it would take a small miracle for it to actually happen, but hey, I know this community, I'm one of you. Lol. I've spent hours here, I know the dedication and "brotherhood" that comes with riding a motorized bicycle, and getting knowledge and advice from here.

(my hat's off to all of you)

I just want people to actually consider this. Ponder on it, think about the actual possibilities.

First, the motorized bicycle world will be making a move towards growth and popularity, being on tv (hopefully) in a group, showing that riding a bike can be more than a hobby, it can in some cases replace cars, and cut down on pollution and traffic, as well as human gas consumption. It would perhaps be a chance to make a small statement.

Second. I would do everything possible to advertise the video shoot, getting as many "extras" to show up, perhaps run a food drive/BBQ/Bike Show/Video shoot. Possibly gaining media attention, drawing notice to the bikes, the riders, the band, the video, and of course, my company.

Third. How often does someone have the opportunity to do something like this? Wouldn't it be fun? Even if you don't like hip hop. Even if you had to go through some stress to film you're own video, and figure out how to upload it so I can get it, wouldn't it be kinda cool to see yourself/your bike integrated into a music video? Even if the video only makes it to Youtube, think of the people who would see the video. Every extra would want to see themselves in it. Showing their friends in pride. Every one of you riders would obviously see it, but think how many people are in the motorized bicycle world. Think how many would want to watch a music video with a bunch of Motorbicycles in it! That's just a start. I could go on forever on how more people would see the video. What if it was a successful charity event? Sponsored? What if it was HUGE, and ended up on the news? That's pretty much a dream, but if you don't dream, what's the point?

So anyways, like I said, just an idea, and if there's enough response on this, I can make this idea a true reality. Anyone who remembers me from here knows that I'm obsessed with my ideas when they're good. Lol. That's why I'm ADDICTED!

Lets see how much actual interest comes into this, and go from there.

Thanks guys.
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