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Sniping software is like placing a silent bid. Whoever bid the highest wins. It is commonplace and one reason it is used by seasoned ebayers is there is no problem from a dropped connection as you wait for an auction to close, no forgetting about or being busy when the auction is closing. Instead of imagining that you are at a public auction where people rise their hands and the bidding proceeds, imagine instead that it is a silent auction where you placed your bid on a piece of paper ahead of time and whoever bid the highest wins. Sounds more terrible than it is and that's how ebay is. So it wasn't a "smuck", but someone who was willing to pay more than you were.
A free one is AuctionStealer - Free online ebay auction sniper software free ebay sniper esnipe ebay snipe site e snipe auctions ebay auction sniper site bid sniper . It is so commonplace that in the final seconds there may be any number of "silent" sniping bids which come in. It is still who bid the highest that wins.
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