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Default Pimped bike owners!!!

Hello to all of you. You may remember me from the past. I'm the one always doing something crazy with his bike, like putting neon lights on it, building a stereo system, handle bar cup holders, the likes.

I have moved and no longer am able to work on bikes. I will still be building my bright red chopper with chrome engine over the winter, in my two bedroom apt. Lol. That will be brought out next spring. However, the reason I'm posting here is for good reason still, and is bike related, so hopefully this post doesn't get deleted.

Here's what's happening...

I am no longer doing Addicted Bicycles, instead, I'm doing Addicted Productions. I'm doing graphic design and video production.

I'm currently teamed with Break N Enter Records, Local to Toronto. What I would really love to do is get a bunch of you with VERY pimped bikes together, and incorporate the bicycle engine world into a music video. (Hip Hop)

i know the majority of you are all in other countries, or far too distant to be present here for a video shoot, so I have other options for you, if you want to be in the videos bad enough, that is.

You can get a bright, neon green sheet, from anywhere, as long as it's large, and very bright green. Record yourself on your bike, infront of the greenscreen, and "pretend" you're in the video... (Play the part) Maybe polish the bike, start it, do a burn out, turn on your lights, put a beautiful lady on your bike, whatever you like. Then you can upload the video file to, where I can then download it.

Do I know how to greenscreen?

Check my latest video here... YouTube - ADDICTEDtelevision's Channel.

another option would just be to have someone record you riding your bike, zippin past, wheeliing, burnouts, or whatever you'd like. Then you can upload to, and I can download. The options are not limited, as each individual video can likely be blended in a few different ways, and make all of you look like you're riding in a group, or line. Either way, who knows, might work out great!

So, for anyone wishing to get themselves and thier pimped bikes on a music video, there are your three options. Show up, (date and loc to be announced later) greenscreen or straight videotape yourselves.

Not all video entries will be used. A release form will need to be signed by you. To keep everything legal. No payment except being in the video and showcasing your bikes will be offered.

Just an offer I figured a few of you may actually be interested in.

Thank you for your time.
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