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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

rode for awhile, then it got a little chilly (brrrrr, it was like 60!) so i went home and stared at my new bike for awhile.

i've been trying to work out the angles for the tank for the last coupla days. been makin stuff out of poster board, but didn't find anything i was happy with. it's like friggen origami trying to make something in 3-D.

so today, i looked at this piece of copper i was beating on awhile ago, and decided to try to hammer it into the right shape.

set the copper sheet in the dirt, then beat on it with a rubber mallet till it looked like it'd fit, then cut it out, shaped it, finessed it, and i now have a rounded front end for my tank.

or a cool soapdish.

i should have the tank mostly done tomorrow or wednesday, so i'll post up some pics in the build thread.
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