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Default Re: 4 Stroke EZM Silentdrive Boardtrack Attempt

Hi Scotto,

YES!, please send me anything that will aid in the relocation of the idler pivot bolt for other motors. We are currently working on the changes for production version #7 slated for the first quarter of 2011.

Changes for version #7 already include a re-designed bearing support bracket for easier primary belt upgrades, and slightly longer mounting slots to increase the primary belt choices.

The newly designed bearing carrier will be a 3 piece unit that will allow the primary belt change in much less time, and only a phillips screwdriver will be needed. The outer clutch support bracket will remain the same, and only the inner bracket will be changed. We will also offer the new bracket as an optional accessory if anyone wants to upgrade previous versions of the Q-Matic. As always any upgrades will fit earlier versions of the drive [backwards compatible].

Have fun,
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