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Default Re: Most practical setup for a reasonable price (<$400, preferably <$300)

Check out this new BMP combo friction chain drive
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Originally Posted by fishyfish777 View Post
Right, I've lurked these forums for a good several months and I get a general consensus that the HT motors are rubbish and you spend more money trying to upkeep one of those than you do actually buying a good engine from the start. Being around 140lbs and living in a hilly area, I intend to get a motorbicycle to generally just toot around places and such, but I don't fancy two-strokes as I already have worn down an HT motor. However, my bike really doesn't have any space to fit one of those mungo four-strokes in the frame, so I've read up on these forums and found what seems to be the most practical setups for the money that would seem to fit my bike (In no particular order):

1. The BMP friction drive kit with something like a GX35 (Total price: around $350 with parts? Plus tire)
2. ThatsDax's friction drive kit ($300 some give or take depending on model, plus tire)
3. ThatsDax's rear chain drive kit ($400 some, pushing my budget limits a bit)

Among these, what is the most practical or would you guys recommend something else?
If you have an alternate suggestion, please keep it within these bounds:
1. I need it to climb hills and cruise at around 25mph comfortably.
(Addendum: Waking up the entire continental united states and vibrating your bike and buttocks apart is not comfortably)
2. Less than $400, preferably $300.
3. Not in-frame, please.

Thanks guys!
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