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OK ...well my customer dropped off the engine a couple hours ago, its a honda GX 110 3.5 HP ohv 4 stroke .... a little small in my opinion , but he understands that the top speed will be affected, and also that after we finish if he needs more HP we can just get a bigger engine, the tough part will be done... going with my original plan for a solid shaft with sprockets at each end driving the two independant freewheel rear hubs, and adding freewheels to the front sprockets so the pedals wont turn when the engine is in use.... have not done the math yet but will be shooting for around 15 mph top speed and lots of low end ..... will also be adding a brake pedal next to the gas pedal for safe and simple operation...the brake is curently a lever on the dash that actuates drum brakes on the rear hubs.... well we get after it tomorrow ... David
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