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Default Re: How long have you known about China Girl Kits? : Poll

Over 3 yrs, but just. Carol's bicycle got stolen and I was looking around the net. I happened across one of the few dealers back then. Got so dang excited. I had to have one yesterday. Waited the 2 weeks it took to ship and read every word that had ever been written and posted on the net. Was hooked in the first nanosecond of looking at first pic.

After the all the intolerable waiting and the hair pulling mounting, I rode it about 40 feet. Did not even make it to the end of the front yard and the tensioner went into the spokes. hehe. Think I still hate tensioners and only use them when I have to, to stretch a chain or some thing funky.

These things are amazing! Functional art. Taught/teaching me mechanics, complex math, physics, socialization with fellow MBAs (lets face it, not one "normal" one of us in the bunch, snork) Confidence and the joy of making stuff. Brackets, adapters, mufflers and mounts. There is always a way to make some thing work and that is one of the parts of these I enjoy most. Learning there is always a way.

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