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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by WildAlaskan View Post
damm i didnt realize how expensicve those babies were i heard you could get a set for 140 at rei but that must have been a sale or something

ohh i forgot to mention that studs dont help alot with fresh snow you still feel like your gonna dye just not as bad
There are a bunch of DIY winter gear threads. I have not tried it yet (lol, in the 3 winters I been talking about it) But I wanna try a rivet gun on some old knobbys. Or (and?) some wire laced around my front wheel. Has a drum brake.

Just a thought. The 90 bucks for those seems well worth it but if could be made safely DIY, cool.

Not suggesting this! lol, just a thought in my wee lil brain.
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