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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

ok so today i made a improved cardboard cover for so my motor stops spewing on me

and after i found out the ported billet intake that i bought for my next kit with a cns doesnt fit well i decided to put it on my current bike with nt carb now im not sure where the extra top speed came in from the boost bottle or the fact that the billet intake was shorter and more shapely heres some stats from a gps not a car riding next to me

ok so old intake max speed 25.2
ported billet intake with boost bottle same stretch of road 26.2

now i took the new intake on a .5 mile road with slight uphill one way and slight downhill coming back so the numbers are good out of three runs each top speed was 26.3 up a gradual slope and down no wind

ok so another stat on my ride to work my top speed was 25.2 and the same on the way back home 25.2

now same ride but with the ported billet intake and boost bottle top speed there was 26.8 and back was 26.9

so im not sure where the boost of power came from the boost bottle or the ported intake but there is a clear increase in power

now for acceleration i found if i w.o.t. from a stop i have slow accel but if i 1/2 throttle then full throttle i have the same acceleration as before

the bad the idle is high before warm up and the idle is low after warm up im sure thats from the boost bottle but thats not that big of a problem to deal with

i know its not a large boost in speed but i am running a 44t sprocket i feel i could go down to a 40 with no problems and get 30ish but i like the easy take offs with barely any peddaling
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