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Default staton friction 2 year report

after much research i bought a robin subaru friction set up with a 1 3/8 roller. the kit was very easy to install and swap to different bikes. i have had a terrible time with flat tires and have changed out about 12 of them so far-usually pinch flats. i am now using extra thick slime tubes and keeping the box and reciept in case of another blowout. i put a piece of saran wrap under the gas cap to keep gas from leaking out and flip the bike upside down before changing the tire. i have gotten as much as 5 months of use from one tire, going about 2 miles a day to and from work. the knurled friction roller is worn smooth now so it wont work in the rain no matter how hard i tighten it down on the wheel. i am trying a trick i learned here-putting jb weld on the roller and then sand to help grip the tire. the epoxy sand mix is drying now so i will try it out in a couple of days. if that doesnt work i may get a dax rack mount chain drive kit and use my robin subaru moter to power the "blue mule". on dry level ground it will go 25 mph. the little motor is awesome and starts every time. i get a lot of looks and attention and questions when i ride.
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