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Default Re: do u think this will hurt my motor

Originally Posted by barely awake
But, I suspect that from the gunk on yer snow pants that you may be suffering from no more than the very commonplace exhaust manifold leak, not only are those fasteners prone to loosening up (and are crazy easy to strip so be careful)
well now im almost 100 percent certan the main leak is from the exaust manifold, seeing as how i stripped a stud out in the very begining and replced it with a helicoil. that is loose cause during my home repair i used a hand drill to drill the center of stud out, then put an easy out in but that broke so i had to drill it out all the way but the harder easy out pushed my drill over to one side creating a more oval hole drilling it the bigggest i could for a heli coil still left a little oval in there and the heli coil didnt set proper its now impossible
so i now am useing three large hose clamps to hold the poo poo pipe on znd the heli coil just lines the gaskit up if i tighten it to hard it starts to pull the spring out causing a nice sized leak right now its pretty much the best i can get it i would have to replace the cylinder to fix this problem but i would rather just rebuild a new motor with good porting and exxelent gaskets and swap the motors out rather than try repair this one

i have a motor takin apart now that is supposed to be for my next build but it may end up replacing my current motor. im going all out on this one it took it completly apart and cleaned out all the fine particles left from machining process, and opened the case ports for better flow into the case, and smoothed out the rough casting burrs on the port tops in the cylinder. i would have opened the intake and exaust on the cylinder but they seem large enough. when i put it back together i am going to use the best gaskit material i can find locally for a reasonable price (that stuff is pretty cheap anyway). i also purchased a sbp expansion chamber that i port matched the exaust manifold to the exaust.i ordered a high compression billit head just to try it out and a ported billet intake, now the intake i have noticed opening is slightly smaller im thinking 14mm than my kit cns carb 15mm so im gonna drill it out to match correct size what use is a ported intake if it chokes the carb right

any way those are the plans for my next motor so you see what im saying when i say i would rather just put that beast together than mess with my current motor but still i dont want it to be destroyed i may still wanna rebuild it it has been a nice motor despite the hard life it has had in my inexperienced hands there are too many things that werent done right to mention but it has had a really rough time but still runs strong

at least on my next motor ill know how to take care of it
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