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Originally Posted by culvercityclassic View Post
Well got you to look.. It's a V-8 juice can that I used to make a behind the seat tank. I will have to give silverbear credit for this one since it was his post that gave me the idea. I must say his tanks with the leather bag look soooo much better than mine.

Well it was cheap...o wait inexpensive to make and I am using this on a low budget build with left over parts. The pictures show this tank un-painted. I just have this kick with the look of raw metal but I am going to paint it. Something crazy.

Total cost:
Can of V-8 2.99
Brass fittings 5.00
Silver solder 5.00
Billet clamp 10.00
Sheet metal 0.00

The finished product PRICELESS
Nice job on your tank and thanks for complimenting me on mine. Credit for thinking of the idea should go to Rockenstein for his Apple Juice tank a year ago or thereabouts. Since then I've made a number of them and think they make a nice tank.
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