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Nice job on your tank, and thanks also for the compliment to me. I guess because I've made so many of them the tank has come to be associated with me. But credit for thinking of it in the first place should go to Rockenstein for his Apple juice gas tank. I never would have thought of it had he not paved the way. The leather work is really my contribution to the juice can tank. Norm at Venice bikes suggested the stainless straps and BarelyAwake suggested the brass hose cap almost a year ago.
I have made a couple in the coffee can size, but coffee cans don't work well, because one end has a foil cover and not a solid lid. In the same size can you can sometimes find tomato or pizza sauce. The contents of whatever you use needs to be a liquid so you can remove what's inside without removing the lids. With the juice cans I start by punching two holes, one at the gas outlet and the other at the filler location. Drain it out. With something like pizza sauce you need to make the opening where the fill goes a little larger so you can get the sauce out. There's a thread on this way back in the archives. Do a search for the apple juice tank for Rockenstein's version or V-8 tank for mine. Happy to answer questions, but you get a real good idea from CCC in this thread. The price of materials is right, but there's a fair amount of labor time and your soldering needs to be good.
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