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Default Re: How long have you known about China Girl Kits? : Poll

Lost my licence and was riding a Razor MX500 around I got on clearance for $150. Talk about getting the "look", Im 27 and 6'2" and around 225lb riding around on what would be a honda cr50! Ha, I even have to laugh at that one. Saw a guy riding an motorized bicycle in the area but wasnt able to talk to him. That was enough to grab my attention. Looked around on the internet about a year ago. Didnt do anything as everthing was close enough to me that I didnt really need a motorized bicycle and my batteries were ok on the razor. Plus I didnt have a real job. Just doing some construction work for a friend of mine that owns a company. Well when I finally got a real job the idea never left my mind. I got right back into finding out some info and saving up as much as I could. Now Im the proud owner of a great looking motorized bicycle that I had the pleasure and hatred of building my self.
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