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Default Re: Clutch operation and the Fuzz....

Thanks. It has zero slip if you try to push it, I generally lean on it a little so the engine rolls over three or for times to clear the cylinder before I start it, this seems to help a lot. The primary drive is real clean, I grease the gears lightly and then roll it over a few times to spread the grease evenly and then wipe off any excess, it throws very little off. I've got about 1/8th of freeplay in the clutch arm. Next time I grease it I'm going to try the Plasti-Dip sound deadener and I will check out turning that flower nut. On a related note, my engine did not have a gasket under the primary cover, but does not seem to be taking on any dirt. Counting my driveway it is almost a two mile ride on gravel before I can hit pavement, my first upgrade is going to be a better air filter, didn't realize how much filter I didn't have 'til I tore the carb apart yesterday.
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