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Default Re: Clutch operation and the Fuzz....

i just posted a thread about the same clutch problem. mine started doing that after about a year.

here's an over simplified way to fix it.

start with your bike cold, since that's when the problem occurs.

if you roll it without pulling the clutch lever, it should skid the back tire. if it rolls...

the first thing to check is your clutch cable adjustment. it could be as simple as being too tight. try loosening the cable a little, then roll the bike again. if it skids, then pull the lever and make sure it rolls free.

if it does, test ride it, make sure it's fixed.

if it still does it...

take your clutch cover off (the big teardrop shaped one)

make sure there's no grease or oil leaking out anywhere.

if it's clean and dry, take out the little set screw and turn the flower nut clockwise one notch. if you pull the lever it'll turn easier. replace the screw and do the push test again.

if it's good, put the cover back on and ride it.

if there's grease or oil all over, clean it with some carb cleaner. if there's a lot of grease and oil, you have bigger problems.

hopefully this helps.
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